Office Manager

Title: Operations Associate/Office Manager

Company: C2Sense, Inc. (

Location: 501 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

Salary: $55,000-$65,000 /year

Start Date: January 2019

Who are we?

C2Sense is a fast-growing startup based in Cambridge, MA that offers a combination of proprietary gas sensors out of MIT and a data/recommendation platform. Our customers can access information remotely that helps them to improve animal welfare and yield in poultry farms, reduce food waste in storage and transit, and alert workers when toxic gases are present. We are digitizing chemical information via a chemiresistive sensing platform that is radically simple, inexpensive to implement, and adaptable to nearly all gas sensing applications.

In the coming months, we will transition products from pilot-testing to a commercial launch and will enter new markets. You will join C2Sense’s team of 17 people (12 full-time) at an exciting phase with plenty of opportunities to connect with other team members, to learn, and to contribute to a new technology. We are looking for talented coworkers who are ambitious, easy going, and good team players.

What will you be doing?

We are currently establishing a general administrative and operations team, and you will serve as the point of contact and manager of this new department. You will work closely with our scientists, engineers, consultants, and sales and marketing professionals as a member of a small, tight-knit team. Broadly, you will handle day-to-day operations and build, scale, and maintain administrative policies by establishing standards and procedures, measuring results against historical data, and making necessary adjustments.

With support from the team, your primary responsibilities will be focused on maintaining office services including the following four areas:

1) Day-to-Day Operations

  • Organizing and administrating of weekly, quarterly, and annual corporate tasks
  • Rigorous record keeping
  • Due diligence for investors
  • Overseeing AP/AR with accounting team
  • Tracking and managing correspondence
  • Ordering supplies and equipment (~3 orders/week)
  • Coordinating with vendors and sourcing supplies

2) Human Resources

  • Payroll
  • Benefits administration
  • Management of shared calendar and PTO tracking

3) Hiring Management

  • Writing and managing job postings
  • Screening co-op applications
  • Screening full-time position applications
  • Onboarding

4) Big Picture

  • Working closely with the financial team to develop budgets
  • Adhering to budget
  • Identifying, observing, and taking action in trends in AP/AR

These responsibilities require cross-domain knowledge involving excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and capacity to handle multiple tasks at once. As the company scales, you will have the opportunity to manage a team of administrative and operation professionals with specialties within the four areas described. Given the fast-paced nature of tech start-ups, your contribution will be directly impactful to the growth and success of C2Sense.

What are we looking for?

First and foremost, we are looking for someone who would like to work closely with other members of the team in a fast-paced environment and is ready for new opportunities to learn and grow. Our team is ambitious and supportive, and we expect all employees will contribute to this culture.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Demonstrated experience in operations and/or administrative role(s)
  • Experience with scheduling, budgeting, and record keeping
  • Advanced computer skills (Microsoft Office expertise, Quickbooks Online experience a plus)
  • Self-reliance and accountability
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to rigorously prioritize to complete tasks within deadlines
  • Drive and ability to learn new skills quickly and work in a dynamic environment
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively


  • Operations/Office Management experience
  • Start-up experience
  • Financial planning and budgeting experience
  • HR training

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to (subject line = job title).