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Miniaturized mobile sensing solutions for a healthier and safer world




C2Sense uses nanotechnology to develop mobile sensing platforms that reveal a hidden world of information across applications in gas sensing, rapid medical diagnostics, and product authentication.

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C2Sense is bringing the next generation of ultra-small and highly selective gas sensors to market. Our proven sensing approach increases access to high quality wearable, mobile, portable, or fixed gas measurements, informing users about their health and safety across industries.

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C2Sense Halo™ diagnostic technology enables standard smartphones to read immunoassays at a performance level that rivals laboratory-based testing.

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AuthenTags™ are invisible signatures placed on or directly formulated into your product that protect your brand and quality. These unique codes cannot be reverse engineered and require only trace levels of ingredients. AuthenTags are verified using a standard smartphone (at the consumer, enforcement, or retail level) or a high throughput reader (in the production line).


Whether it’s revolutionizing the way consumers interact with products, measuring the quality of the air around us, preventing accidental use of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, or enabling the shift to telemedicine and workplace testing during this COVID-19 crisis, C2Sense is well-positioned to lead the next generation of sensor development and innovation.

C2Sense is an MIT “Tough Tech” Spin-Out. Tough Tech is transformative technology that solves the world's most important challenges through the convergence of breakthrough science, engineering, and leadership. C2Sense graduated from The Engine — MIT’s Tough-Tech Incubator — and is now commercializing gas and materials sensing technology by uniting proprietary chemistry with well-established mobile and IoT product principals.


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Safar Partners, The MIT Engine and Moore Capital Ventures along with a number of other visionary professional and private investors have been strong and active supporters of our growth. Our committed team of investors and advisors include successful entrepreneurs, leading technology innovators, and forward-looking strategic leaders. 

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C2Sense is actively seeking creative, hardworking problem solvers to join our high-performance organization. Our three product teams, AuthenTags™, Gas Sensing, and Halo™, work with our Manufacturing, Marketing, and Operations teams to develop and commercialize our innovating sensing technologies. We use a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to deliver continuous, measurable value across all teams.