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C2Sense offers a powerful anti-counterfeiting solution across industries, requiring only a microscopic tag, software, and a smartphone.


Shortcomings in anti-counterfeiting technologies result in more than 1.5 trillion dollars of counterfeit products entering the global market on an annual basis.  Each year the economic and societal impact of counterfeiting grows because existing anti-counterfeiting technologies are either too costly to implement or too easy to copy. Brand erosion is an obvious consequence, but the impact of counterfeiting is much graver, with counterfeit pharmaceuticals responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year. While this used to be primarily a problem in developing countries, pharma counterfeiters are now using digital channels to distribute product and have found their way into legitimate supply chains; counterfeit drugs can be comingled with legitimate product at the pill, packaging, and pallet level. It’s estimated that, at most, 50% of counterfeit drugs in the supply chain are identified as such. Protecting consumers from counterfeit products in a big job, and technology has not been able to keep up with the increasingly complex supply chain.


Existing anti-counterfeiting solutions have been unable to keep up with the growing problem of counterfeit goods in legitimate supply chains. The most secure legacy technology is too expensive or too impractical to stay ahead of the growing counterfeiting problem. The ideal solution must be as secure as RFID, low cost as printed bar codes, and can work for any object, from a pill, to a case of vaccines, to a luxury perfume. Moreover, the method for  checking the authenticity of the tagged product must be accessible and straightforward at any point during the supply chain, including to consumers.


Simply adding C2Sense’s proprietary chemical tags to a product creates a remarkable authentication tool that takes power away from counterfeiters and returns it to consumers. These non-toxic, non-damaging tags are composed of microscopic amounts of material and can be overt, invisible, or mixed directly into the product itself. Although they’re difficult to imitate, AuhenTags are easy to implement in existing manufacturing lines by using printing, spraying, or similarly standardized methods. Tags can be read with an unmodified smartphone at any point in the supply chain and are capable of self-destruction in the event of quality breaches. AuthenTags’ app-and-tag platform can be used for luxury brands, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other goods, protecting both the consumer from harmful counterfeits and the implicated brands from unjust damages. With AuthenTags technology, a new functionality of our phones is unlocked, and we gain a powerful anticounterfeiting tool in a low cost, easy to implement, and extremely difficult to copy solution.


Nearly impossible to reproduce, self-destructive

Smartphone-Based Reader

Low cost, easy-to-use, enables at-home testing, built in communication protocols

Easy to Implement

Tags are incorporated in existing manufacturing lines, tags are sub-trace and non-toxic, tags can be invisible and will not damage products

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