For research & development laboratories with assays to use on our system or research professionals looking to take their projects into the field and beyond, we offer an open platform for quick on-site real-time PCR. 


Introducing the new Halo Assay Developers Kit
by C2Sense

HALO is a low-cost, rapid assay reader, featuring high specificity and sensitivity with outstanding CoV performance.


Originally designed for assay developers, HALO’s simple, scalable design, ease-of-use and comprehensive app-based interface translates into an excellent reader solution for at-home customers.

If you are developing an assay or looking to expand your market by bundling a reader with your test portfolio, HALO is ideal reader for your needs.

Read more about Halo in our recent peer-reviewed publication in Frontiers in Public Health here.

The Halo Developer Process

DEV KIT ICONSAsset 6.png

Apply for our developer program.

DEV KIT ICONSAsset 5.png

Try it out on your samples.

DEV KIT ICONSAsset 4.png

Collect results and data.


Apply for a Dev Kit and Download Technical Datasheet and Cartridge Outline

Do you have an existing assay for this test application of interest that you'd like to use with the Halo platform?

Thanks for applying we'll get right back to you!