C2Sense Halo™ diagnostic technology enables standard smartphones to read immunoassays at a performance level that rivals laboratory-based testing.


Diagnosing disease typically requires a trip to a health care provider for laboratory testing, since specialized analytical equipment and trained operators are needed to read the diagnosis. Halo technology replaces these analytical readers and brings diagnostic capability directly to the patient. With the Halo app, rapid tests  can be read with only a smartphone. Halo displays test results in minutes and is 10x-100x more sensitive than standard diagnostics, enabling rapid, patient-centric care.

Halo technology works today and can read virtually any rapid test regardless of disease target (e.g. COVID-19, Flu, Strep, other) or specimen type (e.g. saliva, serum, whole blood, NP, etc.) The Halo platform is based on a deep understanding and proprietary combination of luminescence materials chemistry and proprietary machine-learning. Diagnostic results are displayed to the patient and/or transmitted to healthcare providers. Halo medical results allow straightforward aggregation of data for insurance and/or outbreak management, as well as automatic updating of electronic medical records without disrupting the end user experience.



Halo took 6 years to create and is supported by 13 patent families exclusively licensed from MIT’s Chemistry Department and 5 patent families held by C2Sense. 

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The Covid-19 pandemic has identified weakness in the global healthcare system. Point-of-care testing risks infecting others, and is plagued with long waits, result delays, and extreme shortages of testing kits. These delays and inaccurate data have made tracking infection rates and contact tracing extremely difficult. Practical decisions to quarantine or go to work/school cannot be made effectively due to lack of immediate information.  Proof-of-concept testing was designed specifically for COVID-19 to show that fast, highly accurate results could be achieved with Halo in serological and antigen tests using serum, NP and saliva samples. C2Sense is actively engaging commercial partners for Halo COVID-19 diagnosis. Contact us today to learn more.

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Halo technology realizes the decade-long potential of smartphones to bring lab quality testing to at-home, near-home, and expeditionary environments. Since the diagnostic reader is not the limiting factor for widespread adoption, Halo enables effective telemedicine anywhere in the world. Results can be shielded from the patient and shared securely with doctors, enabling clinical decisions and behavior change in any healthcare / patient setting. The Halo platform is built for integration to telehealth, disease surveillance, and digital health tools.  It’s estimated that the $3B Pre-COVID-19 US telehealth market has the potential to expand to $250 billion; about 20% of what Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurers spend on outpatient, office and home health visits. Effective at-home diagnostics will be critical for this shift to occur, and Halo can start that change today.