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Universal Scanner

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Our Universal Scanner is designed to identify, interpret information, and measure a wide portfolio of materials in a multitude of formats. This platform offers the ability to add value to products and packaging in the form of authentication, gas sensing, tamper evidence and track & trace without changing package design or disrupting manufacturing processes and procedures. 

Designed for ease-of-use, the LITE LABS Universal Scanner employs a straightforward hardware modification built on top of commercially available iPhone 11 to make this device compatible with our computer vision algorithms, as well as a comprehensive mobile + web app-based interface to make data collection and analysis ideal for researchers and industry partners alike.

If you are looking for O2 sensing solutions at the laboratory or industrial scale, interested in adding anti-counterfeiting or authentication properties to your products, or both, then please contact us to inquire about receiving a
Universal Scanner Development Kit.

Example Technical Specifications, Oxygen Sensing

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Pipetting Samples

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