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C2Sense has developed a smartphone platform that combines the speed and low cost of rapid diagnostic tests and the quantitative results of lab-based analysis.


On March 11, 2020, the United Nations declared novel coronavirus COVID-19 a global pandemic. Plague and pandemic in recent years are not unprecedented – diseases are traveling farther and faster thanks to a dramatically transient global population and highly interconnected global economies. Even after the virus is contained or eradicated, it’s likely that most of the population will suffer from a lingering wariness of shared spaces and a heightened awareness of infectious disease. Moreover, global healthcare systems are under enormous pressure, and innovative solutions for preventing in-person visits to primary care centers will help lessen the burden.


Diagnosing medical conditions in the comfort and safety of a patient’s own home has never been more important. Existing test kits suffer from low sensitivity, slow results, invasive specimen collection, and complex equipment requirements. Despite the FDA fast-tracking new technologies through its process in record speed suppliers are struggling to meet the global demand for effective COVID-19 test kits. The rapid increase in availability of telemedicine is bringing us ever-closer to remote healthcare, but at-home diagnostic tools are still lagging. The ideal at-home diagnostic solution is a rapid, high precision test using simple specimen collection and preparation and a low cost, easy-to-use reader.


C2Sense’s (AuthenTags) technology is a revolutionary platform that transforms the smartphone into a powerful sensing device. Built on C2Sense’s core competency of foundational chemistry, this platform relies on a combination of unique chemical tags, proprietary reading software, and a smartphone. (AuthenTags) can be easily applied to virtually any object, and any smartphone equipped with C2Sense software is able to read the tags using nothing more than the built-in camera. From diagnostics to product security, the application space for this technology is immense.


The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the urgency of developing easy, accurate, and universally accessible diagnostic tests for both the patient and the care provider. When combined with lateral flow test strips, (AuthenTags) transforms the smartphone into a powerful tool for ultra-sensitive diagnostics. Since we are using fluorescence instead of colorimetric changes, the (AuthenTags) platform can detect pathogens at concentrations between 10 and 100 times lower than comparable tests, allowing for the non-invasive diagnosis of diseases or noisy samples, which were previously out of reach for rapid testing. A full range of data reporting options are available to be integrated into the software from full patient reporting for health care providers or secure EMR integration, to disease surveillance reporting to government agencies, to immediate integrations with telehealth to deliver onsite support as soon as results are available. Any smartphone running C2Sense software can provide lab-quality testing, opening the door to clinic-level care from the comfort of one’s own home for the very first time.


Detects previously un-detectable targets, straightforward multiplexing, less invasive specimens required

Smartphone-Based Reader

Low cost, easy-to-use, enables at-home testing, built in communication protocols

Lessens the Burden on Traditional Healthcare

At-home testing eliminates trips to clinics/healthcare professionals, enables telemedicine, prevents disease spread

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