Born in the Swager chemistry lab at MIT, and raised on a century of foundational science, C2Sense is bringing the next generation of ultra-small and highly selective gas sensors to market. Traditionally, those seeking to accurately measure gas concentrations have been faced with an inconvenient trade-off: expensive benchtop equipment that collects limited amounts of high-quality data, or smaller, cheaper sensors with poor selectivity and sensitivity that collect large quantities of mediocre data.


C2Sense has overcome this trade-off by developing gas sensors that combine the most desirable features of traditional gas sensor technology; extremely high selectivity in a tiny footprint. Our technology uses the fundamental sensing approach of chemiresistance, but leverages a unique combination of basic chemistry, stabilizing matrix components, and embedded carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to impart selectivity. CNTs perform well as robust, highly conductive molecular wires, and have been considered a promising candidate for gas sensing for many years. Simply put, when a mixed gas stream that contains a target compound meets a CNT chemiresistive sensor, a chemical reaction occurs between the selected gas molecules and the sensor. This reaction causes a distinct change in the sensor’s electric current, which can be measured and translated into information about the presence and concentration of the target  compound. However, when used as sensors, and in spite of their promising characteristics,  CNTs suffer from extremely poor selectivity in their native state . In an attempt to produce usable information about gas concentration from CNTs, the conventional approach has been to avoid their selectivity flaws by manipulating sensor data on the back end with heavy algorithm-based processing.


Where other CNT sensors have failed, C2Sense excels. Instead of solving the selectivity problem with math, C2Sense solves it with chemistry. The secret behind our super sensors lies in their custom-made “molecular selectors”. Designed by our team of world class chemists, our “molecular selectors” interact only with the target gas molecule of interest. When combined with CNTs, these superior sensors largely eliminate cross-sensitivities, false positives, the degrading effects of humidity and temperature, and other challenges which have historically plagued CNT sensors. Our molecular-level approach means that our sensors are able to be miniaturized into ultra-small footprints that require very few supporting electronics without sacrificing the quality or quantity of data collected, making it possible for our sensors to provide large volumes  of useful information despite their small size and simple construction.

C2Sense gas sensing technology brings value to multiple industries by offering sensors that are ultra-small, highly selective, and designed with application-specific requirements in mind. 

Ultra Small

Mobile applications, pervasive integration into many electronic devices, and straightforward multiplexing

Highly Selective

Sensing without cross-sensitivities and resistance to chemical and environmental interferents

Designed with Application-specific Requirements In Mind

Dynamic technical tuneability, a SWAP-C with parity or advantage over existing technology, specialized sensor performance, calibration infrequent or not needed.


HVAC-R W.png


C2Sense offers the HVAC and refrigeration industry gas sensors that detect low concentrations of environmentally-friendly refrigerants in tiny, robust, and selective form factors, addressing the rapidly changing regulations in this industry.

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C2Sense is addressing the increased demand for air quality measurements in the Environmental industry by developing pollutant sensors that are small, robust, and low power enough to be widely deployed at in outdoor, indoor, or wearable locations, and interface with existing electronic devices of all kinds.

industrial safety W.png


Since the nature of C2sensors allows our chemists to develop sensors for any chemically-addressable analyte in a tiny footprint, C2Sense brings value to the Industrial Safety industry by providing low power, tiny sensors for portable applications with increased battery life and selectivity, as well as sensors for niche gases not easily detected by existing commercial products.

fire detection W.png


Traditional smoke detectors are beginning to incorporate gas sensors to decrease false alarms and provide information about the origin and type of fire. C2Sense gas sensors can be easily added into fire detection devices using existing manufacturing lines, and do not require frequent calibration when deployed.

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Bringing gas detection to the consumer level requires gas sensors that are ultra-small (<2x2x2 mm), low power, and electronically simple. C2Sense technology truly enables gas monitoring in a mobile-friendly package; requiring only a capacitor-sized resistor as additional hardware, along with a voltage divider and microprocessor (both already present in mobile devices).


C2Sense groundbreaking sensing platforms are mobile, digitally integrated, and provide high-quality information for lifesaving applications in at-home diagnostics and remote patient treatment. This platform is so versatile, it will also monitor the status of goods in transit and warm consumers if they’ve purchased counterfeit products. C2Sense’s vision is a safer and healthier tomorrow supported by fundamentally better sensing technologies, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to highlight the urgency of realizing this vision.


rapid diagnostics W.png


C2Sense has developed a smartphone platform that combines the speed and low cost of rapid diagnostic tests and the quantitative results of lab-based analysis.

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C2Sense offers a powerful anti-counterfeiting solution across industries, requiring only a microscopic tag, software, and a smartphone.


C2Sense offers the Package Integrity industry a living record of product condition that is accessible at any point in the supply chain, requiring only a microscopic tag, software, and a smartphone.


C2Sense’s (AuthenTags) technology is a revolutionary sensing platform that transforms the smartphone into a powerful sensing device capable of instantly detecting picograms of material. Built on our core competency of foundational chemistry, the technology relies on the proprietary combination of a versatile tag, sophisticated software, and a smartphone. (AuthenTags) molecular tags can be easily applied to virtually any object, and any smartphone equipped with C2Sense software is able to read tagged objects using nothing more than its built-in camera.


From diagnostics to product security, the application space for this technology is immense. C2Sense tags used in rapid diagnostics will enable an entire new industry of clinic-level diagnostic tests that can be taken in the comfort and safety of your own home. Invisible tags on at-risk products like luxury brands and cosmetics empower the consumer to determine if a product is genuine. C2Sense tags in pharmaceutical formulations mark the manufacturer and batch number and confirm that the prescription is safe. These tags are so inexpensive and safe, they can be used in packaging to determine if a product has been tampered with or has undergone changes that would render it unsafe.

The AuthenTags technology platform unlocks a new functionality of smartphones and enables a powerful tool that helps protect the health, security, and wellbeing of consumers everywhere.

Extremely Sensitive and Accurate

The AuthenTags platform can detect pathogens at concentrations between 10 and 100 times lower than comparable tests, allowing for the non-invasive diagnosis of diseases or noisy samples, which were previously out of reach for rapid testing.

Easy and Inexpensive to Implement

AuthenTags can be easily applied to virtually any object, and any smartphone equipped with the C2Sense application is able to read the tags, using nothing more than the built-in camera

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