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C2Sense offers the Package Integrity industry a living record of product condition that is accessible at any point in the supply chain, requiring only a microscopic tag, software, and a smartphone.


Whether it’s a package in the mail or products bought in a store, consumers are in the dark when it comes to the physical, microbiological and climate conditions their goods were subjected to while in transit. In some cases, not knowing about changes in these conditions can mean the difference between life and death. For example, Insulin — a treatment that more than 463 million people rely on to survive — should be kept within a certain temperature window and must absolutely be discarded in the event of cold-chain disruption. Breaches of packaging integrity are not always obvious, particularly at the consumer level, and they can affect everything from food and beverage safety, to the potency of lifesaving medicine, and the sterility of a device.


Existing anti-tampering solutions are largely physical and not always evident. If a pharmaceutical cold chain has been breached in the hands of the consumer (for example, if a patient leaves their prescription in a hot car for a few minute while they run errands), there is no way to tell if the medication is still effective. The best way to tell if a package of meat you picked up at the store has been compromised is to smell it!


The (AuthenTags) package condition record can contain information on how long a product was in transit, whether the product was mishandled, and if the product was exposed to extreme heat, cold, or humidity. These non-toxic, non-damaging, picogram-level tags are chemically activated to respond to environmental changes and can be overt or invisible. Tagging of products is easily accomplished with existing manufacturing lines by using printing, spraying, or other generic methods. Reading the tag with a smartphone is possible at any point in the supply chain, and the built-in communication protocols in the phone can alert the manufacturer to quality breaches. (AuthenTags) app-and-tag platform is safe and inexpensive enough to be used for food packaging and pharmaceuticals, protecting both the brand and the consumer from package safety breaches. The AuthenTags technology platform unlocks a new functionality of smartphones and enables a powerful tool that helps protect the health, security, and wellbeing of consumers everywhere.


(AuthenTags) are so economical they can be applied to generic packaging and can be activated to dynamically react to changes effecting package integrity. By responding to changes in conditions such as temperature, sterility, and humidity of goods in transit, activated (AuthenTags) prevent unsafe food and medicine from reaching consumers.


Nearly impossible to reproduce, self-destructive

Smartphone-Based Reader

Low cost, easy-to-use, enables at-home testing, built in communication protocols

Easy to Implement

Tags are incorporated in existing manufacturing lines, tags are sub-trace and non-toxic, tags can be invisible and will not damage products

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