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C2Sense has developed a technology platform that converts traditional cameras, like those in your smartphone, into sophisticated time-gated fluorescence spectrometers. Our solution provides access to laboratory grade sensing capabilities where and when they are needed most.



Fluorescence spectroscopy, a key analytical tool found only in laboratories, involves the use of light to excite molecules and cause them to emit light. This technique is the gold standard for chemical sensing applications as it delivers exquisite sensitivity and specificity.  Translating this capability to inexpensive devices that can be used in the field under realistic use-case conditions has remained elusive – until now.

Our solution consists of three integrated components, that allows us to transform inexpensive cameras, like smartphones, into sophisticated fluorescence sensing devices.

Tags are molecular additives that can be printed from inks, extruded into plastics or stamped into/onto products. They are customized for specific applications such as oxygen detection, temperature monitoring, humidity etc. We collaborate with customers to develop or designate specific molecular signatures that can be used for authentication, quality control, or downstream processing. 

the TAG

Heat, light, air pressure, oxygen – there are countless environmental triggers that result in notable changes to a product’s intended state. When Tags are combined with our proprietary algorithms, we can sense molecular activity that signifies changes to a product and its environment.


Using the same principles as a laboratory technique that gives ultra-sensitive limits of detection, our software inspects the tag and communicates the data to the user.

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The communication can be as simple as “DO NOT CONSUME” displayed on a smartphone app, or more intricate such as a quantitative read-out of the concentration of a particular chemical or stimulus.


​Triggering, identifying and capturing molecular activity using an inexpensive camera means dealing with difficult variables: distance of measurement, variable lighting conditions and a noisy background.


C2Sense has 13 patents covering our ability to convert these cameras into time-gated fluorescence spectrometers which eliminates the complexities of real-world sensing and enables a broad portfolio of molecular tags that give access to sensing and identifying viruses, gases, temperature excursions, humidity, and other analytes.

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Our algorithm is fully compatible with smartphone devices, machine vision systems and any CMOS camera.