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C2Sense invented a technology that transforms ubiquitous cameras, like those in your smartphone, into sophisticated time-resolved fluorescence spectrometers.

Our solutions give access to laboratory-grade sensing capabilities where and when they are needed most.


Two light-emitting materials with different fluorescence lifetimes.

Our technology observes and interpretes the properties of these materials when they are excited, including fluorescence lifetime.

Using our proprietary algorithms, we can interpret and quantify properties like fluorescence lifetime to detect subtle changes in molecular activity that signify changes to a product and its environment. 

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how it works

Fluorescence spectroscopy, an analytical tool found only in laboratories, uses energy to excite molecules and causes them to emit light that can be used to gain information. 

This technique is the gold standard for chemical sensing applications as it delivers exquisite sensitivity and specificity.  Translation to robust use in the field has remained elusive – until now.

Our solutions combine state-of-the-art, light-emitting materials, a variety of optical hardware options, and proprietary algorithms to transform inexpensive cameras into readily-available, sophisticated measurement devices that give unparalleled access to new types of product information.

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Our materials are a versatile set of molecular light-emitting additives that can be integrated into a wide range of products by:

  • mixing into inks

  • flexographic printing

  • ink-jet printing

  • stamping onto products

the materials
  • spray-coating

  • dip-coating

  • extruding into plastics

  •  incorporating into glass

Our expertise in chemistry, optics, and molecular sensing allows us to collaborate with customers and customize solutions for highly sensitive applications such as:

without compromising the product's original look, purpose, and performance. 

  • trace oxygen detection in packaging

  • covert product authentication

  • medical diagnostics

  • quality monitoring

  • and more


Heat, light, pressure, oxygen – there are countless environmental triggers that can cause undesirable changes to a product’s state.


We use our molecular additives and proprietary software to sense subtle changes in molecular activity that signify changes to a product and its environment.
Using the same photo-physical principles as a laboratory technique that gives ultra-sensitive limits of detection, our algorithms interpret signals from our additives to communicate new levels of information to the user. 

the software

Scan results can be as simple as “AUTHENTIC” displayed on a smartphone app or more intricate databasing and quantitative read-outs based on customer requirements.

pharma packaging graphic.png

Our software is compatible with major barcode types to support product serialization and supply chain optimization. 


Triggering, identifying, and capturing molecular activity using inexpensive cameras means dealing with difficult variables including distance of measurement, variable lighting conditions, and noisy backgrounds.
C2Sense has 13 patents covering our ability to deal with the complexities of real-world optical sensing and convert cameras into time-resolved fluorescence spectrometers to sense and identify viruses, gases, product quality, product authenticity, and more.

the hardware
PAR on whiteArtboard 1.png

A custom-fitted case on an iPhone 11 converts this common smartphone device into a C2Sense scanner. 

Our algorithms are fully compatible with any CMOS camera in devices ranging from smartphones to industrial vision systems.

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