A Sense of Smell for the Digital World

By connecting the tangible with the digital, “The Internet of Things” enhances our quality of life, extending our senses beyond our physical limitations. Smart networked technology that monitors temperature, captures digital images, or records audio directly links our senses of touch, sight, and sound to digital outputs.

Until now, there’s been no good solution in connecting the world of smell to the Internet of Things and creating a digital sense of smell. Gases are mostly invisible, and the real world comes with a complex mixture of different compounds that are difficult to distinguish.

Through interfacing our proprietary gas sensing technology with an IOT digital information platform, C2Sense is able to selectively detect target gases and provide real-time, remote feedback to customers through a subscription-based service. With a broadly applicable sensing platform, C2Sense is making an impact in a variety of globally relevant markets, including food supply, industrial safety, and environmental monitoring.

Since C2Sense sensors can be used for many purposes, we are rapidly moving into new areas. Please explore our website to learn more about our dynamic technology and core applications.

Versatile Technology

C2Sense sensors can be used in multiple markets for many purposes. While our primary focus is on food right now, we plan to rapidly move into other possible areas. Click on the icons to learn more. Here are some of our core applications.