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C2Sense has deep knowledge & experience in synthesizing light-emitting compounds and creating original formulations for our customers so they can reap the benefits of our technology in their products and applications.

Our solutions are versatile.

Applications include: oxygen sensing & product quality inspection, covert product authentication & supply chain management, research & development in laboratory settings, and more. 

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Universal Scanner

Our Universal Scanner measures and interprets a wide range of signals from our materials to provide authentication, gas sensing, tamper evidence and track & trace information.


EMBER-009, Authentication

In combination with our scanners and software, this compound can be covertly added to goods via coatings, co-extrusion, printing, etc. to imbue the final product with a unique covert authentication signature.


FLARE-002, Oxygen Sensing

In combination with our scanners and software, this compound can be used in multiple product types (coated, co-extruded, printed) to measure oxygen concentration in modified--atmosphere products.


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Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our technology and its wide range of applications!

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